The Fish Sniffer - Incessant Wind The Name of Game
Incessant Wind The Name of Game

Written By: Mike McNeilly, June 2, 2014
Species: Trout Mackinaw
Location: Pyramid Lake,

When will the wind stop so we can do some trolling?  That has been the question asked by many Northern Nevada anglers as of late.

Strong winds have kept most anglers off the lake over the last few weeks Not to mention that as soon as the wind stops and the temperatures rise to summer levels, swarms of water skiers and pleasure boaters will invade the lake like a horde of locusts.  

The legend, Jeff Morris, had dreams of Sierra mackinaw but found an angry white cap covered lake on a recent would be trip. Wanting to salvage the day’s fishing, Jeff was forced back atop his ladder on the southern end of Pyramid Lake.  

Jeff reported surprisingly good fly fishing stripping black wooly buggers and bouncing jigs on a spinning rod. In just a few hours time, he landed several smaller Summit Lake fish and a few 5-6 lb Pilot Peak fish that should be trophies in a few years.  

According to Lindsay at Crosby’s Lodge, Jeffery Adams, leads all scores in the month of May with a 14 lb 12 oz beauty caught trolling a Flatfish near Warrior’s Point. The fishing has been relatively slow, but it also may be due to lack of opportunity and lack of interest as most locals are fishing in the Sierras.



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