The Fish Sniffer - Interest In Combo Trips Tapers Off Despite Outstanding Fishing
Interest In Combo Trips Tapers Off Despite Outstanding Fishing

Written By: David Hurley, December 17, 2013
Species: Crabs Lingcod Rockfish
Location: San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate,

The interest in crab combination trips is starting to wane despite the fantastic action off of the entire section of the coastline. The interest should pick up again just prior to Christmas and again prior to the end of the rockfish season on New Year’s Eve.

The New Huck Finn out of Emeryville Sport Fishing went out with a light load of 13 anglers up the Marin coast on Thursday for limits of both rockfish and Dungeness crab to go with a single 8-pound lingcod.

George Liu of Bay Tackle in El Cerrito reported striper fishing remains solid from the Pinole shorelines with live bullheads, and Bay Tackle is stocking plenty of bullheads. Perch fishing is also decent with pile worms, and a number of anglers are heading for the beaches in Marin County such as Fort Cronkite and Bonita Cove or south of the Golden Gate at Thornton Beach or Pacifica.

Fishermen are also targeting crab from the beaches with snares, and Bay Tackle has been selling a number of the Pucci snares with the 3-ounce weight.

John Akina Jr. at Oyster Point Bait, Tackle, and Deli in South San Francisco reported a few anglers were hanging around the pier on Thursday afternoon, and small sharks or perch are the top thing going on, although most fishermen are targeting sturgeon without success yet.

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