The Fish Sniffer - Jan 3, 2012 Gordon Hough: ‘It’s Freezing Out Here!’
Jan 3, 2012 Gordon Hough: ‘It’s Freezing Out Here!’

Written By: Dan Bacher, January 3, 2013
Location: San Pablo Bay,

(Crockett) With ice on the dock and shrimp in the cooler, the Morning Star headed west on Wednesday, December 19 on a mediocre tide in search of spectacular sturgeon fishing. 

“First stop, one mile northwest of the Pump house in San Pablo Bay,” said Hough. “To our surprise and delight, we bought twice as much bait as we would need. Translation; there were no bait stealing crabs.”

There was bass action immediately - shaker bass, that is, and shaker sturgeon too. Still, the water was muddy and a few of the bass were big enough to keep. 

“As the tide bottomed out, the action heated up,” noted Hough. “The first legal sturgeon of the day was on a suicide mission. All aboard saw it jumping and thrashing about before we realized it was on one of the bow lines.” Twenty minutes later the 59 inch fish was on the deck, and another was on Jim Garvey’s line and headed for the propeller. “

After a brief struggle, Jim’s 51 inch fish was aboard, and Jim was filling out the last of his 2012 sturgeon tags. 

“The tide fizzled out and we headed east towards Mare Island to join the Predator who had also caught a couple sturgeon towards the bottom of the tide. Three more shaker sturgeon and a couple more bass in the box later we headed for home.”

“In true Christmas spirit, both fish were shared so all aboard had a sturgeon dinner. Bottom line; 2 legal sturgeon, 4 shaker sturgeon, 6 legal bass, 3000 (estimate) shaker bass and two starry flounder,” Hough concluded. 

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