The Fish Sniffer - Jenkinson Lake Trout And Macks Show Timid Action
Jenkinson Lake Trout And Macks Show Timid Action

Written By: Garry Erck, December 17, 2013
Species: Mackinaw Trout
Location: Jenkinson Reservoir,

Water levels continue to drop as lakes suffer from the ongoing drought. Access will be key – as some lakes will make launching tough – anglers may wish to focus their efforts from the shore to get into the fish.

“Jenkinson Lake is showing some trout action this past week,” reported Sara at Sly Park Lake Resort. “Nightcrawlers have been responsible for most bites and bank anglers seem to be getting most of the bites in the second dam area, a few small macks have been taken from the shore. Trollers have been few and far between – but a couple guys have reported mackinaw showing up in the Narrows.”

“Bank action is pretty much the only game in town for Hell Hole or French Meadows,” said John Wadden at Will Fish Bait and Tackle. “A hand launched twelve foot boat might be doable – but why risk it. Either lake will produce rainbows and browns from the shoreline near their dam. Nightcrawlers or small spinners like a Panther-Martin should be sufficient to get into some fish. Low water like this will concentrate the fish and if you can find flow near an inlet or outlet – that will be your best bet.”



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