The Fish Sniffer - Kokanee Salmon On The Bite
Kokanee Salmon On The Bite

Written By: Dan Bacher, May 14, 2014
Species: Kokanee
Location: Stampede Reservoir,

Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service reported, “as good as it gets” kokanee fishing on his first trolling adventure at Stampede in over a month on Saturday, May 3.

 “We started at 6:00 AM and decided to make a pass or two for some Mackinaw before targeting kokanee,” said Kennedy. “It wasn’t long before the wind started and the forecast called for some pretty strong wind later in the day. We figured we better go load up on some kokanee before the wind got too bad.”

“As soon as we dropped our gear in we started hooking up. We spent most of our time right in front of the island in about 60’ of water. We ran two lines on downriggers behind Shark Cannonballs and one top line straight off the back of the boat. We hooked fish from the surface to 45’ deep,” he stated.

His set ups were a Sep’s Strike Master (watermelon color) with a Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger, a Sep’s 4/0 Watermelon Dodger with a Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger and a Dick Night Pink Dodger and a RMT Assassin spinner on the top line. Everything was tipped with Shoepeg Corn cured with pink Pautzke Fire Cure.  

“It was a fast and crazy bite,” he noted. “We landed 18 kokanee between 6:30 AM and 8:37 AM and lost more than we landed. I even caught 3 for myself to take home for dinner. The average fish size was 12,” but they were fat and clean fish.”

Launching is not a problem, but he recommended four wheel drive if your boat is very heavy. The water is down far enough that all four of your tires will likely be in the mud. 



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