The Fish Sniffer - ‘Kokes And Trout Tangle With Trollers
‘Kokes And Trout Tangle With Trollers

Written By: Cal Kellogg, September 2, 2014
Species: Kokanee Trout Landlocked Salmon
Location: Bucks Lake, Lake Almanor,

(Chester) Bucks Lake and Lake Almanor couldn’t be fishing more differently. At Bucks the action is nonstop, while at Almanor strikes are largely nonexistent.

“Kokanee fishing is hot at Bucks Lake for fish to 14 inches and the trout bite has come on strong too,” exclaimed Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service. “The hot set up at Bucks has been a Pro-Troll 4 inch Double Super Charged UV Flasher. Behind that I’m running both pink hoochies and Uncle Larry’s Spinners in the Tropical Tiger pattern. The flasher has been really hot for me this season at several different lakes”.

“The trout are mostly rainbows, with the occasional brown showing. They run 12 to 17 inches. The trout have been hanging out along the bank. We’ve been hooking them with small spoons like Needlefish and Dick Nites trolled 25 to 35 feet deep,” said Roccucci.

Both Roccucci and Cliff Spediacci of Hook & Ladder Guide Service agree about the slow action now plaguing Almanor.

“I spent several days at Almanor last week and only got one fish. It was a big salmon pushing 5 pounds, but other then that strikes were few and far between,” said Spediacci.



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