The Fish Sniffer - Lake Berryessa Bassin’
Lake Berryessa Bassin’

Written By: Headwaters Fishing Team, Victor Woolworth, May 25, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Berryessa Reservoir,

Lake Berryessa Bassin’
Lake Berryessa Bassin’ Lake Berryessa Bassin’

We made it to Lake Berryessa around 11 a.m. We were aiming for 10, but I can't complain. Halfway through the drive Ari vomited in the back and I though our trip was over.

We figured we would keep going and keep an eye on her. When we got to the lake I was amazed, I had seen photos, but wow, the lake was low. The lady at the gate told us our best bet would be to drop the boats off at the ramp.

She wasn't joking; all the spots that used to have easy access to the water were gone. We parked at the day use area, unpacked the truck and got the kayaks rigged.

Our friend Lisa came along with us to paddle. So setting up the kayak for her was easy, it took me a few minutes. This morning when getting the gear in the truck, I ripped the cable to the battery on the fish finder. I was worried not having the fish finder, but it all worked out.

There were a few other boats on the water, but they were off to the main lake. As soon as I launched, I headed across the lake to see what I could find. About 10 minutes in I got my first hit and I landed a 12 inch smallmouth bass. I was excited to get a fish that quick and the weather was great. I hung around the area and found some more bass, plus a crappie. 

I came in for lunch and was amazed how fast the time on the water was going. After lunch Narisa, and Ari came out on the water for a short time. It was nice to be on the water with the family.

Ari loves the water; she kept splashing around by the ramp. After lunch the bite seemed to slow down, but I was still able to manage a couple more bass around 14 inches. 

At around 4:15 I decided it was time to head in and pack the items we bought. I never knew a child could require that much stuff. I could have been out there longer but we had some stuff to do and our friend Lisa needed to get back also. 



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