The Fish Sniffer - Landlocked Kings Hitting Hard
Landlocked Kings Hitting Hard

Written By: Danny Lloyd, April 16, 2014
Species: Landlocked Salmon Trout
Location: Folsom Lake,

The rise in water at Folsom Lake has made fishing very good and much more accessible. Since the level of the lake has come up so much this month the 5 mph rule has been abolished and fisherman are able to move around the lake much easier allowing for some better fishing throughout the lake.

Trout and landlocked salmon fishing continues to be very good this month with two fisherman catching a nice limit of rainbows to 19 inches and catching 3 nice kings to 3.5 pounds.

"The hot lure this past week was a glow patter 1/2 ounce Humdinger top lined 225 feet behind the boat " reported from James Netzel of Fishin James Guide Service. "This past week we landed a real nice 3.5 pound king working the area from Granite Bay launch to the dam."

"Your best bet is getting there early and fishing some glow patterns early morning then working deeper as the day continues. We have caught almost ever fish in the top 10 feet with a few caught at 20 feet deep."

Bass fishermen have been hitting the lake hard these past few weeks with mixed results. Some fisherman have been having 15-20 fish days while some anglers only catching a handful of fish a day" reported Lance Cowley of Lincoln. Cowley and fishing partner Rob Adams of Antelope fished Folsom this past week and landed 5 smallmouth.

"One thing I did notice is every bass we caught was unusually skinny for this time of year. We launched at Granite Bay and worked the main body pretty hard fishing swimbaits and darter heads teams with a robo worm in the Morning Dawn pattern. We threw almost every bait throughout the day but the darter head plastic combo was the best" stated Cowley. We did not find any bedding fish which was unusual. Water temps were around 55 degrees.

Water levels at press time show the lake is now holding 47 percent of its capacity, thats a 32% gain in water since Folsom's lowest level this year of 16% of capacity. The water level is at 411.20 feet in elevation. and is holding 72 percent of average for the lake.  


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