The Fish Sniffer - Landlocked Sockeye Bite Explodes
Landlocked Sockeye Bite Explodes

Written By: Cal Kellogg, June 30, 2014
Species: Kokanee Trout Mackinaw
Location: Stampede Reservoir, Donner Lake,

It’s high mountain kokanee time at both Stampede Reservoir and Donner Lake. While the fish are not running large, they are fat, healthy, plentiful and full of fight!

“The kokanee bite at Stampede has been as aggressive as I think I’ve ever seen it,” reported Captain Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service. “The fish were stacked in some spots like I haven’t seen in years. The last time I remember schools of kokanee like this is when Ted Samford was still guiding on Stampede and we used to jig for them. For the first time in many years I broke out the kokanee jigs. We caught fish trolling and jigging. These fish we fighting a lot harder than they were a week ago. They averaged 13 inches but were all nice fat fish.”

“The fish we caught trolling were down 38 to 61 feet. Our best set up’s were a RMT Watermelon Tsunami Dodger with a Radical Glow Tube and a Sep’s Fruit Salad dodger with a Uncle Larry’s Mad Irishman spinner all tipped with Pautzke Fire Cured Corn. Our best jigging was today, 50 yards from the boat ramp in 60 feet of water.”

“Donner Lake is in great shape. The lake is full and the kokanee are plentiful. There are also a few bonus mackinaw getting caught on kokanee gear, which is always fun,” added Kennedy.

Rainbow trout fishing is also picking up at Lake Valley Reservoir. “One of my clients reported good action on rainbows averaging 12 inches while bait fishing off shore,” said Kennedy.




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