The Fish Sniffer - Lethargic Bass Challenge Anglers
Lethargic Bass Challenge Anglers

Written By: Dan Bacher, February 18, 2014
Species: Bass Landlocked Salmon
Location: Lake Oroville,

Brent Cline at Oroville Outdoors gave a “fair” rating to the current black bass action at Lake Oroville.

“The water is still cold, so anglers need to fish really slow,” Cline advised. “Your best bet is used finesse techniques, including drop shotting with Robo Worms, fishing tubes and working jigs. It took only 12 pounds to win a recent Norcal 90 tournament at Oroville.”

Cline recommended fishing 20 to 40 feet in the main body and forks for spotted bass and an occasional largemouth. Most of the fish go 13 to 15 inches, with a few larger ones mixed in.

“I haven’t heard of many coho or king salmon caught lately except for a few hooked by bass fishermen drop shotting in the forks,” said Cline. “To target the salmon, I’d recommend trolling with hoochies, tipped with anchovy strips, from the green bridge to the dam.”

Oroville is holding 1,262,509 acre-feet of water, 36 of capacity and 54 percent of average. The water level is 701 feet above sea level, 199 feet from full.


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