The Fish Sniffer - Limits Of Yellowfin Tuna Boated
Limits Of Yellowfin Tuna Boated

Written By: Bill Roecker, January 6, 2014
Species: Tuna Wahoo Dorado
Location: San Diego,

Skipper Derek Waldman docked Red Rooster III at H&M Landing December 23 after a nine-day trip sponsored by Izorline, Calstar and Accurate. The group fished offshore for limits of yellowfin tuna, 30 yellowtail , a wahoo and a dorado.

Katie Grech of Pasadena won first place for a 63-pound tuna. John Grech of Pasadena won second place for a 61.4-pounder.

Alvin McCoy of Stites, ID won third place for a 58-pound yellowfin tuna. The trolling jackpot was won by Chris Jefferson.

Excel skipper Justin Fleck posted December 22: “We ended up working up the line and fished the Islands. Yellowtail fishing was a little off. We still got our fair share. It wasn't good fishing by any means but the Island are always nice and we got some good Yellowtail, a couple Halibut and some nice Bass. We're on the way home now, the weather is nice, flat and calm. We'll be in tomorrow and shut down for the holiday. We’ll go back out on the 27th."

Royal Star skipper Tim Ekstrom posted December 19: “This stellar group of individuals, intent upon fishing in the big leagues, in the show, while maintaining kinship amidst the spirit of vacation, has been too consistently fortunate to argue otherwise. They get it; they get that it takes more than just catching to create success. Among the most important factors, if not the most important factor defining victory, is appreciation of the company one shares during their voyage. Such is why this annual run has chalked up a history of big fish triumphs that sets a standard for all others to strive.

“A photo we took today features legendary Charter Master Bart Ryder as his 261-pounder is sliding through the gate.

“Of special note in is our “Anti booby bird device” that served the cause well to the delight of everyone on board. 2013 features a particularly strong hatch with voracious, aggressive, dumb as a stump, juvenile red footed and brown boobies harrying our fishing efforts by diving on every bait that enters the water. In mass they are way too successful both driving us nuts and potentially causing themselves harm by swallowing baited hooks. Enter exhibit 'A': the fire hose.

“Properly deployed this method of booby (Wikipedia says it’s from the Spanish slang “bobo,” meaning stupid) control reduced the nuisance by at least ninety percent, one hundred percent at times, with everyone coming out winners on the back end. It was particularly effective when applied by hand but periods of steady catching dictated that we improvise a fixed installation at times.

“Either way the win for us was being able to cast baits, fish, and broadcast sardines that were not instantaneously eaten. The win for the Boobies, completely defenseless in their witless infancy, was that most avoided the inconvenient consequences, or worse, of becoming hooked.”


‘Super Quality’ Tuna

This posting from the Royal Polaris was made December 18:

“I've had trips that had far more fish number wise, even trips that had a few more cows, but I have never seen a higher proportion of super quality fish than on this one. Of the 128 tuna we landed, 27 were not only cows (over 200) but darn big cows! If you were going to have a hot trip, this was surely the one you wanted to be on. Any tuna hooked had a very high probability of topping 100 pounds, and you can do the math for yourself to figure out the odds of an upper 200 or one of the two 300s caught.

Did it require long hours at the rail, being up uncomfortably early in the morning, keeping your tackle 110% ready at all times? You bet it did, but isn't that what these trips are suppose to be about?

Ultra long range fishermen are a special breed. Relatively speaking there are only a handful of us around, but we all have the mind set that nothing is too big a sacrifice to land the tuna of our dreams.”

Neil Campbell caught two huge fish weighing 224 and 306 pounds (first place jackpot winner, big fish trophy winner and personal best).

Matt Walenta landed three fish weighing 213, 215 and 281pounds (second place jackpot winner and personal best).

Craig Drummond bagged three tuna weighing 296, 255 and 303 pounds (winner of 3rd place jackpot and the Rollo kite fish jackpot).


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