The Fish Sniffer - Live Drifters Battle Big Halibut In Central Bay
Live Drifters Battle Big Halibut In Central Bay

Written By: Dan Bacher, May 28, 2014
Species: Halibut Saltwater Stripers
Location: San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay,

Halibut and striped bass fishing continues to be excellent on the good tides in San Francisco Bay.

“We had a pretty good day yesterday, 13 fish for 16 tanglers,” quipped Gordon Hough, Captain of the Morning Star. “We're off today. My Mom wanted to go for Mother's Day, but her Social Security check didn't get here in time.”

Dennis Taipale of Windsor won the jackpot by catching a 33.5 lb. halibut while fishing near Fort Mason aboard the Morning Star. Gary Whiteman of Windsor had his hands full catching his 26.5 lb. halibut near Angel Island.  

Other successful halibut anglers include Fred Walker (Sacramento), with a 16 pounder, and Kim Schuttpelz (Grants Pass Oregon), with one going 29.7 pounds.

The Bass Tub out of Fisherman’s Wharf is also getting in on the top-notch live bait fishing for halibut and striped bass inside San Francisco Bay, according to Captain Erik Anfinson.



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