The Fish Sniffer - Low Water Concentrates Trout
Low Water Concentrates Trout

Written By: Cal Kellogg, February 20, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Sacramento River- Middle,

Chilly mornings, warm afternoons, plenty of elbowroom and lots of hard fighting wild rainbow trout. Does this sound good?

If so, now is the time to hit the Sacramento River between Redding and Red Bluff. The Sacramento River is running low, the trout are concentrated and the bite is very good!

“The river is running pretty low, but the weather has been mild and the trout fishing is really good,” related Mike Bogue of Mike Bogue’s Guide Service. “With the water so low the trout are stacked up pretty good and catching them isn’t a problem. We are scoring with glow bugs, Pautzke cured roe, Pautzke salmon eggs and back trolled plugs. Since the water is so low and clear using P-Line Fluorocarbon leaders has been an important part of success.”

Jason Thatcher of JT Guide Service described the trout fishing as very good with fly gear.

“There aren’t many spawning salmon in the river right now, so nymph imitations are working better then egg imitations at this time, but I’m still tossing in the some beads and egg imitations on my multiple fly leaders just to cover all the bases,” related Thatcher.


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