The Fish Sniffer - Lower Owens Continues To Be Best Choice
Lower Owens Continues To Be Best Choice

Written By: Danny Lloyd, April 18, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Walker River- East, Owens River- Lower,

The East Walker River has been running at only 23 cfs. “The lack of water is so discouraging we are fishing elsewhere until they start getting better water flows,” reported

(Bishop) Pleasant Valley Reservoir fishing continues to be good, as some larger rainbow and brown trout have reportedly been caught recently. "Lake levels are stable for now, with the water clear and cold,” stated. “Stick to the inlet section up top if you want to find the bigger fish. They're sipping mayflies on top around mid-day in the moving water section."

The Lower Owens River Flows are 99 cfs. "There has been some trout action before noon, but the bite really gets going around 1-2 pm,” according to “Mostly bigger mayflies are showing. I saw some stonefies, but they're not much bigger than the mayflies. There a whole lot in the way of surface activity,"

Be sure to try a CDC Baetis Dun, as well as extended body bwo, parachute adams, stimulator and griffith gnat patterns. If the trout are showing sub surface, be sure to try some zebra midge, micro mayfly and prince nymph patterns, and don't be afraid to throw some streamers as well.

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