The Fish Sniffer - Lunker Cutthroats Dominate Angling Scene
Lunker Cutthroats Dominate Angling Scene

Written By: David Hurley, January 1, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Pyramid Lake,

Big fish continue to be the rule with Crosby’s Lodge 10-Pound Club loaded with pictures of successful anglers.

Lindsey Jordan of Crosby’s Lodge said, “The big fish of the week was landed by Bob Mann of Reno while trolling near Dago Bay at 17 pounds, 4.8 ounces, but Mann didn’t want to give up his successful lure. We also weighed in Lahontan cutthroats at 15, 15, 11, 11, 10, and 10 pounds this week with most of the large fish taken from the shorelines from the Nets to Block House.”

Peter Thompson continues his assault on the Pilot Peak strain with several trout over 10 pounds in the past week at 15 pounds, 9.6 ounces, 14 pounds, 14.4 ounces, and 10 pounds, 3.2 ounces while Jeff Morris is matching Thompson’s success with 13-lb/4-oz., 12-lb/0.8-oz., 11-lb./10.4-oz., and 11-lb./2.4-oz. cutthroats. Thompson continues to report his catches as coming from the Nets with wooly buggers while Morris is using Pyramidges at Wino Beach.

The freezing temperatures are the limiting factor, but if you are able to endure the cold, a trophy fish is possible with ‘the best fishing in 35 years’ occurring at the lake as evidenced by the large number of cutthroats in excess of 10 pounds. “Spoons in dark colors with white dots or light colors with black dots are the top lures for shore casting,” reported Jordan.

For trollers, Joe Mendes of Eagle Eye Charters out of Crosby’s Lodge said, “Captain John Oppio on the Eagle Eye II continues to find big fish with a 11-lb./13.6-oz cutthroat this week, and it is important to get within 50 feet of the shoreline when possible into depths from 15 to 25 feet.”

Hw advised adjusting downriggers to shallower depths and letting out at least 150 feet on the toplines. U20 Flatfish in trout patterns have been particularly effective for trolling with the fish closer to the shorelines. His last trip produced 17 cutthroats to 8 pounds.

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