The Fish Sniffer - Mackinaw Limits Are The Rule
Mackinaw Limits Are The Rule

Written By: Danny Lloyd, May 28, 2014
Species: Mackinaw
Location: Lake Tahoe,

The spawn is over and Tahoe’s mackinaws are on the feed. Most anglers are catching limits of fish in the 2 to 6 pound class and if you get lucky, you might find yourself hooked up to a real monster!

 “I’ve limited out on mackinaw on every trip recently,” reported Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbon Sport Fishing. “Our key to success continues to be trolling minnows behind a flasher in 180-220 feet of water around structure and humps. The fish are thick and once you get into them, pulling in limits isn’t a problem. We have also got into a few nice fish in the 10 pound class recently.”

Mickey Daniels of Mickey’s Big Mack Charters rated Tahoe’s mackinaw fishing as “very good” at this time.

“We are getting a lot of fish up to about 7 pounds. The deep water bite has been really good. On any given day we either get into the fish first thing in the morning right at dawn or we get them about an hour later when we really start working the depths. The size of the mackinaw you hook depends mainly on the school of fish you encounter. Sometimes you get into a school of smaller fish, but other times you’ll find a school that consists of a larger grade of fish,” related Daniels.

The folks at Tahoe Sportfishing are scoring limits of macks for their clients while working off the south shore of Tahoe. They are using minnows teamed with both flashers and dodgers to draw strikes. With the arrival of summer, Tahoe Sportfishing will begin targeting kokanee along with the macks.



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