The Fish Sniffer - Marlin Fishing Gets Exciting Off Cabo
Marlin Fishing Gets Exciting Off Cabo

Written By: FishSniffer Staff, May 28, 2014
Species: Marlin Dorado Tuna Wahoo
Location: Baja California,

“The wind has definitely died down and the weather is staying really good with the heat is starting to set in big time,” disclosed Captain Jerry Chapman of JC Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas “This year has been unusually warmer all year even throughout our so called winter months. Highs in the low to mid 90's and lows in the ladder to mid 70's has kept the weather very pleasant. The wind has died down and that has helped the fishing big time.”

“The water is getting warmer and since the wind has died some it seems to have stabilized the water temperatures so the warm water fish are starting to come back into play. This time of year we never know what the currents are going to do so the water temps can change pretty fast and this will affect fishing and what is biting. Luckily the striped marlin are accustom to the cooler temperatures and we have different species of fish to choose from as the water changes from warm to cold. The dorado are warm water fish and the yellowtail are more cold water fish making for a cool contrast throughout the season. It actually gives us the best of both worlds through the season,” said Chapman.

“The marlin fishing has really picked up and we have doing really good over this past week. We have been catching big numbers of marlin and lots of fish have been taken at the 1150 spot early in the week. They were taken on ballyhoo and live bait and now it seems the fish are starting to move north as the water warms. The last couple days the fish had moved to the 95 spot. We had 3 boats out on Friday when we came upon some great fishing and we landed 9 marlin. Another important bit of news to let you guys know about is that the first blue marlin of the season was taken off of Chileno Bay and it tipped the scales at 500lbs. So that is some good news for what is in store for us over the summer months with the water warming and blue and black Marlin are starting to show up in our fishing grounds,” exclaimed Chapman.

“There are still some wahoo around and they were being caught on jet heads. There has been a few Wahoo caught this past week with warmer water temperatures in the area. The dorado fishing is so so and not as hot as it was last week. We were landing them on lures and ballyhoo. Most are being caught in the same spots as the marlin down around the 95 spot and up off the Light House to San Jamie and they are being landed using ballyhoo,” related Chapman.

“The inshore fishing has remained spotty at best a few marlin have been taken on some of the Pangas from Solmar to the Light House has been good. The rooster fishing should start to pick up soon as there has been a few nice ones taken this week in the 25lbs range on live bait it is just really a little early for them right now. We should start to see the big ones roll in in 2 to 3 weeks,” concluded Chapman.


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