The Fish Sniffer - Mother Lode- Camanche
Mother Lode- Camanche

Written By: Garry Erck, February 27, 2014
Species: Trout Bass Panfish
Location: Camanche Reservoir,

Merissa Dolin of the Lake Camanche Recreation Company reported “another spectacular week of trout fishing.”

“Trout season has been consistently good since we began planting trout in October,” she said. “We will continue to plant all the way through April, so you still have a few months of good trout fishing left.”

“Our anglers are starting to bring in other species of fish too, including bass, catfish, and even the occasional crappie,’ she said. “This past week we saw some big trout as well as a nice sized catfish come in off the lake.”

The top spot for trout angling this past week was the South Shore Trout Pond. The pond was planted on Friday, which made for a great fishing weekend. Pond anglers are finding PowerBait and jigs to be the best baits for the pond.

The most popular trout spot for boat anglers was Little Hat Island. The top bait to use was a good old-fashioned grub. Most anglers are trolling with down riggers just below the surface .

Vince Velarde of Sacramento, landed 2 rainbows going 6.95 lbs. and 4.71 lbs. at the Trout Pond using both a jig and PowerBait. Robert Fernandez of South Sacramento nailed a 6.68 lb. trout while fishing grubs near Little Hat Island.

Steve Freeman of Ione bagged a 22.54 lb. stringer of trout while trolling the main lake with white grubs. Lake Camanche local Adam Comstock took a 7.7 lb. catfish at NS Day Use Point using using worms and marshmallows. James Murray of Burson took two large trout to 6.92 pounds at the Trout Pond with PowerBait.

Lake Camanche is currently 204.40 ft. above sea level and 52 percent of capacity. Water temperature at the launch ramps is approximately 53 degrees. The inflow from Lake Pardee is currently at 11 cfs and the outflow from Lake Camanche is currently at 254 cfs.



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