The Fish Sniffer - Mother Lode Roundup- Amador
Mother Lode Roundup- Amador

Written By: Garry Erck, Dan Bacher, February 10, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Lake Amador,

Anglers continue to experience top-notch trout fishing at Lake Amador while fishing both from shore and boat.

Huge fish continue to be weighed in. Gay Weston of Williams landed a 13.24 lb. rainbow while fishing a black fly in the Rock Creek arm from a boat, reported Debbie Grayson at the Lake Amador Resort.

Seven-year-old Rianna Gonzalez demonstrated her angling prowess by nailing a 4.8 lb. rainbow with a white power Egg/green Power Bait combo trolled from a boat. Seven-year-old Madison also bagged a 4.5 lb. trout while trolling the same bait.

Two-year-old Bella caught a 4.5 lb. trout also. He was soaking a green PowerBait/white Power Egg from the shore off the point off the r.v. park.

“We planted 3400 pounds of trout in the lake last week and we are stocking 1,000 pounds of trout per day this week,” said Grayson.

Big sunfish honors go to Jeremy Franchini of Sacramento who landed a 2-3/4 lb. crappie while trolling a Rapala in the Jackson Creek arm.

The reservoir is 56 feet from full and the launch ramp is in operation.


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