The Fish Sniffer - Mother Lode Roundup- Camanche
Mother Lode Roundup- Camanche

Written By: Dan Bacher, Garry Erck, January 27, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Camanche Reservoir,

Merrisa Dolin of the Lake Camanche Recreation Company reported some “really nice-sized trout” coming in from both the main lake and the trout pond this week.

“The current bait of choice for boat anglers is a white grub, while bank fishermen are having the best luck with various types of lures,” she tipped. “Anything from Rapala, Rebel, and Kastmaster seem to be doing the trick. The South Shore Pond or the North Shore Marina are the places to be if you’re looking to catch fish from the bank. The Narrows or spots near Hat Island and the Dam are the best areas to be if you prefer to fish from your boat.”

Eight-year-old Reagan O’Donnell of Cameron Park caught a 6.57 lb. trout fishing with a worm near Hat Island on January 5. Camanche’s 2013 trout record-holder Beau Courtroul, a localresident, landed a 7 pounder while using a Kastmaster at the South Shore Trout Pond.

Camanche’s current elevation is 206.05 ft. above sea level. Water temperature is approximately 54 degrees, and the lake is 54% full. The inflow from Lake Pardee is currently at 11 cfs. and the outflow from Lake Camanche is 256 cfs.

“We planted 1,800 pounds of Mt. Lassen rainbow trout at Lake Camanche this week, including 600 pounds at North Shore, 600 pounds at South Shore and 600 pounds in the South Shore Trout Pond,” she said.


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