The Fish Sniffer - Mother Lode Roundup- Camanche
Mother Lode Roundup- Camanche

Written By: Garry Erck, Dan Bacher, February 10, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Camanche Reservoir,

This past week was a fantastic week of fishing for a variety of different species at Lake Camanche. “We saw some really nice rainbow trout, some good sized spotted bass, and even a decent sized crappie pulled in from the lake,” reported Merissa Dolan of the Camanche Recreation Company.

On Saturday, the Folsom Bass Team held a private tournament at Lake Camanche with 15 boats total. “The entire team reeled in some beautiful spotted bass, the biggest weighing 5.04 lbs. J.Rod McGinnis brought in some of the biggest fish, including two fish weighing 4.20 and 4.50 pounds, while using plastic jigs and worms,” she said.

Trout fishing has also been great. “The top spots for bank angling this past week were the South Shore Trout Pond and North Shore Day Use Point,” she said. “The baits of choice for bank anglers were Power eggs and Rapalas. Boat anglers seemed to have a lot of luck fishing the Rockwall this week.”

The Narrows and the Dam were also good spots for trout angling and the number one method of fishing for boaters was trolling with white or orange grubs.

Mt. Lassen Trout Farms planted 1,800 pounds of rainbow trout into Camanche on January 24, including 1,200 pounds at the South Shore ramp and 600 pounds in the Trout Pond

The water temperature at the launch ramps is approximately 52 degrees.


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