The Fish Sniffer - Mother Lode Roundup- New Melones
Mother Lode Roundup- New Melones

Written By: Dan Bacher, Garry Erck, February 10, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: New Melones Reservoir,

With the Department of Fish and Game planting rainbows, now is a good time to target giant black bass with trout patterned swim baits, according to Melanie Lewis of Glory Hole Sports.

Just ask Glory Hole Sports employee John Liechty, who caught and released two giant largemouth bass weighing 10 pounds 7 ounces and 7 pounds, 14 ounces on Friday January 17, 2014. He caught these fish on back to back casts with a trout patterned swim baits

Anglers are starting to catch more bass with most of them being chunks that weigh from 2-4 pounds.

“There is a large population of fish that are schooling in deep water from 30-50’ and some fish moving up fairly shallow throughout the day to feed,” said Lewis. “It is very important to use your electronics to locate fish and bait. Try using vertical jigging spoons near the balls of bait."

“The trout are still biting and should continue to for the next couple months,” said Lewis. “Most anglers are catching some nice holdover rainbows along with a handful of planted trout. The fish are feeding near the surface in shallow bays, and creek channels.”

Bank anglers are catching limits off of Glory Hole Point and near the Tuttletown boat launch. Try floating Power Bait or Gulp Eggs off of the bottom Many different colored dough baits and eggs seem to work with rainbow, chartreuse, salmon egg, and pink being favorites.

Also there are fish feeding on the surface in the morning and evening. To target these fish, try using a bubble/fly or fly fishing.

Trolling anglers should try fishing from 15’ to the surface. With a large majority of fish moving to shallow water, it’s a good idea to troll near the shoreline or use a side planer. Speedy Shiners, Needlefish, and Excel Spoons are all good choices

Big trout honors go to Trevor A. Gregg of San Diego, who landed fish to 3 pounds while using PowerBait with Take it to the Limit Guide Gary Burns

The water temperature is 52-55 degrees. The docks have been moved to the middle ramp on Glory Hole Point.


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