The Fish Sniffer - Mother Lode Roundup- Pardee
Mother Lode Roundup- Pardee

Written By: Dan Bacher, Garry Erck, February 10, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Pardee Reservoir,

Lake Pardee will open its gates again to anglers on February 14. Unmolested since November, fish in this Mother Lode lake have been given enough time to fatten up and will be ready to pounce on an easy offering.

Historically, the best bite will be for the bankies working the cove area around the launch ramp. Kastmasters, salmon eggs, nightcrawlers or sliding sinker rigs with PowerBait are all producers.

Trollers typically find solid action far upriver working the log boom to Gorilla Head rock. Flashers, dodgers or Uncle Larry’s spinners all paired with a scented nightcrawler are deadly for the winter weary trout. Other producers are scented grubs in orange or chartreuse. Most fish will be shallow, so targeting the lure within the top 10 feet will be necessary.

Upriver Pardee trout typically are solid holdovers from the previous year and exhibit great color, square tails and offer a fine fight



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