The Fish Sniffer - Nimbus Releases Drop To 500 CFS
Nimbus Releases Drop To 500 CFS

Written By: Dan Bacher, January 17, 2014
Species: Steelhead Trout
Location: American River - Lower,

Steelhead fishing on the American River is very slow, due to the drop in releases from Nimbus Dam to 500 cfs. by the Bureau of Reclamation on Friday, January 10.

The NCCFFF (Federation of Fly Fishers Northern California Council) and Sierra Salmon Alliance are both calling for an emergency closure of the river from Ancil Hoffman Park to Nimbus Dam to fishing to protect exposed salmon redds from anglers wading the river and to protect steelhead from being ripped off spawning beds by snaggers.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is expected to make a decision on whether they consider an emergency closure warranted and make a recommendation to the Fish and Game Commission. The Commission would then make a decision on the DFW recommendation, after hearing input from the public.

The numbers of steelhead showing now at Nimbus Fish Hatchery are well below those of last year. The facility has trapped 304 adult steelhead and 14 half pounders this year to date, compared with over 1900 adults and 13 half pounders by the same last year. “We counted 80 new fish in the trap on the last day we spawned,” said Gary Novak, hatchery manager.



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