The Fish Sniffer - Optimism High For April 5 Salmon Opener
Optimism High For April 5 Salmon Opener

Written By: David Hurley, April 3, 2014
Species: Saltwater Salmon
Location: Bodega Bay,

The salmon opener is rapidly approaching and Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sport Fishing has been working on getting both the Surf Scoter and the New Sea Angler ready for the upcoming salmon season. The boats have recently returned from the boat yard in San Francisco Bay for maintenance.

On the way down with the Surf Scoter, he observed salmon jumping on the surface in 42 fathoms of water four miles northwest of Point Reyes. On the way back with the New Sea Angler, he witnessed ‘copious amounts’ of krill and a good number of murres on the surface six miles south of Bodega Bay, from the area from Tomales Point south to Elephant Rock.

Powers added, “Captain Bob Monckton of Reelentless Sport Fishing has been crabbing north of Bodega Bay, and he said that it looks good off of the mouth of the Russian River with mats of krill around.”

The water temperature has been in the 53.5 degree range, and the water didn’t clear up after three to four days of northwest wind.

Powers is ‘wide open’ for the anticipated salmon opener on April 5. During salmon season, Powers will keep his crab gear soaking for an additional option to add Dungeness crab to salmon.

The campgrounds should be full for the opening weekend, with Powers stating, “We enjoyed good success during the opening months for the past few seasons, so we are hoping for more of the same this year.”  


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