The Fish Sniffer - Possible Land Locked Steelhead bite at Folsom
Possible Land Locked Steelhead bite at Folsom

Written By: Fishin’ James Guide Service, May 23, 2014
Species: Landlocked Salmon Steelhead Trout
Location: Folsom Lake,

Possible Land Locked Steelhead bite at Folsom
Possible Land Locked Steelhead bite at Folsom

Trout bite is awesome at Folsom the past couple weeks and just keeps getting better.  And not many fishing for them.  Folsom is no longer considered "the dead sea" anymore with the recent plants of kings and ELR's and now the showing of possible land locked steelhead.  Fellow guides have told me in years past, the steelhead were in there and they were catching them on a consistant basis back 10+ years ago.  Now it has not been confirmed by DFW but am going to submit a couple fish or try to get someone out there to confirm it that they are back and on a red hot, hot, hot bite right now.  These fish are way more silver, with less spots on their backs, and put up a tremendous fight.

Todays hot lures were small speedy shiners in bullfrog red dot pattern fished 10' behind shark cannonballs down 40' on the downrigger trolled between 2.5-3mph.  Since I have not caught any fish the past couple weeks on top lines, I attatched 30 yards of lead core to the top lines and set them back 250' with excels, humdingers, and needle fish and caught a lot of fish.  They hit like a freight train!!!

We ended our trip today before noon with 3 limits.  We caught a couple of the newer ELR's that are over 8" already, after being planted at 4" a couple months ago, and a couple dink rainbows.  Must have lost over a dozen. Our fish included a couple planters, but most of them were holdovers with super sharp fins and beautiful meat.

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