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Quality, Not Quantity Available for Patient Anglers

Written By: David Hurley, January 22, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Pyramid Lake,

 “This is not the time for numbers,” said Joe Mendes of Eagle Eye Charters out of Crosby’s Lodge, “but it is the time to land a quality fish.” Huge fish over 10 pounds continue to stream into Crosby’s Lodge for photographs and inclusion in the 10-pound club.

The largest Lahontan cutthroat of the season at 23 pounds/11.2 ounces was weighed in by Quinten Quiggle, who was using a black wooly worm from his float tube off of Monument Point on January 8. This fish was nearly one pound larger than the previous lake high at 22 pounds/14.4 ounces landed by Quiggle on December 27 on a black jig at Pelican Point.

Rob Anderson of Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing added, “Overall the action is pretty slow, but there is the opportunity for a truly huge fish.” He said, “Fly fishermen have been scoring with wooly buggers in dark colors from olive to black on a shooting head since the Pyramid fish are ‘notorious followers,’ and they prefer the round profile of the wooly buggers.”

Since the inclusion of the Pilot Peak strain of Lahontan cutthroats, the number of anglers targeting the big fish has exploded over the past months. He had previously released an estimated 24-pounder earlier in the season on size 12 Maholo nymph.

Trollers are also getting in on the action for big fish with Mendes advising, “No need to use a banana weight or downrigger right now as the best technique has been to long-line a M2 Flatfish between 250 to 275 feet behind the boat. This will get the lure down between 15 and 25 feet in depth.”

Mendes has been finding the best action near Howards and Dago Bays as the Popcorn Point Launch Ramp is currently closed due to shallow water and necessary repairs to the docks.

Steve Cubbler scored a huge cutthroat at 17 pounds/13/6 ounces on a pink Lyman lure near Tamarack.

Crosby’s 27th annual President’s Day Event will take place the weekends of February 8th and 15th. Registration forms are available at 



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