The Fish Sniffer - Rain Moves Steelhead, Improves Fishing
Rain Moves Steelhead, Improves Fishing

Written By: Cal Kellogg, February 11, 2014
Species: Steelhead
Location: Umpqua River,

Recent rains and warmer water temperatures have dispersed steelhead holding in the river and as a result the fishing has gotten quite a bit better.

Bank anglers have been scoring with roe and other baits while plunking in the mainstem and now that the river is clearing boaters are getting steelhead too.

The South Umpqua is open for winter steelhead fishing. There are not a lot of fish in the south, but the numbers improve virtually everyday. While the south did rise after last weekends rain it dropped back to low clear conditions very quickly. Despite this anglers are encouraged to give the South Umpqua a try as several fresh steelhead have been landed by bank anglers in recent days.

The story is much the same on the North Umpqua. The number of fish in the system is climbing and as a result angler scores are improving. With more rain things could get much better very quickly on both the north and the south.

If you’d like to experience Umpqua fishing at it’s best, give the folks at Wolfe Pack Guide Service a call at (541) 445-2254 or contact Northwest Sportfishing at (541) 863-1221.

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