The Fish Sniffer - Rainbow Trout Bite Surges
Rainbow Trout Bite Surges

Written By: Dan Bacher, July 20, 2014
Species: Trout Catfish
Location: Davis Lake, Frenchman Lake,

Lake Davis rainbow trout fishing is improving. ”We had several fishermen come into the store to show us their catch, reported Jeanne Graham at J&G Grizzly Store and Campground.

“The bank fishermen were using night crawlers and Rainbow PowerBait. They were fishing from the Honker boat dock on the points. Be sure NOT to fish in the cove,” she advised.

Trolling fishermen were also doing great with Wee Dick Nights and Copper Red heads. The rainbows are averaging 18 inches and go up to 22 inches.

“We did not receive any fishing reports from our fly fishermen,” she noted.

For brown bullhead catfish, anglers should toss out nightcrawlers at Camp Five.

Bank anglers continue to catch rainbow trout averaging 16 to 18 inches while fishing worms and PowerBait from shore at Frenchman Lake, said Sherri from Wiggin’s Trading Post in Chilcoot. She hasn’t heard of any anglers catching trout while trolling lately. Nor has she heard of any fishermen targeting brown bullhead catfish from the bank.



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