The Fish Sniffer - Rainbows And Kings Fall To Trollers
Rainbows And Kings Fall To Trollers

Written By: Danny Lloyd, December 17, 2013
Species: Landlocked Salmon Trout
Location: Berryessa Reservoir,

Craig Andri of Roseville and fishing buddy Jeremy Hart had a trip of a lifetime a few weeks back at Berryessa. They gave it another shot on December 5.

“We launched at Markley Cove around 7:30 and started marking fish just outside of the marina," said Andri. "We were marking the fish anywhere from 30 to 100 feet deep. We dropped 2 rods with brined shad in, followed by two with small Excel spoons. Within a few minutes we had our first king at about 2 pounds in the boat. We kept working this school, but couldn't get any more to take our baits."

They picked up and headed over to Skiers Cove and dropped in 3 rods with spoons and also set back a single top line pulling a Grey Arctic Fox fly. It wasn't too long before they had a beautiful 2 pound rainbow on the fly.

"We continued to work this area and also work the rockslide area with the same setups," said Hart. "We ended up landing 4 nice rainbows before moving back and trying for kings to finish the day. We had one more hit, but failed to land the king."

"Surprisingly, the water was still pretty clean given the amounts of rain we had just received," he noted.


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