The Fish Sniffer - Rainbows Bite On and Off
Rainbows Bite On and Off

Written By: Danny Lloyd, January 17, 2014
Species: Trout Landlocked Salmon
Location: Berryessa Reservoir,

Lake Berryessa is known as an outstanding trout fishery, but recently it has been hit and miss. Boaters have experienced very good trout fishing one day to very slow the next.

"The key to fishing trout and salmon right now on Berryessa requires covering lots of water," reported Lenny Towle of Pleasant Hill. "There are also large schools of baitfish in the water, creating plenty of feeding opportunities for the fish."

Towle also reported, "a period of wet weather can greatly change how this lake fishes. Kokanee fishing will pick up in mid to late march as well so overall fishing on the lake should improve here shortly."

On a recent trip to Lake Berryessa Towle had a tough day fishing, but a great day taking the kids fishing. They launched around 8 am at Markley Cove and fished until about noon. They fished the north side of the "big island," then they moved to the mouth of "skiers cove,

"We mainly fished in the top 10 feet of water using side planers and down riggers. Speeds varied from 1.3 miles per hour to 2.2 miles per hour," added Towle. "Water temperature on the surface was right around 53 degrees."

The water level has remained at 414.32 feet or 24.92 feet below the Glory Hole Spillway.

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