The Fish Sniffer - Rainbows On Tap For Fly And Conventional Anglers
Rainbows On Tap For Fly And Conventional Anglers

Written By: Cal Kellogg, April 20, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Sacramento River- Middle,

Outstanding trout action is underway on the Sacramento River between Redding and Red Bluff with both fly and conventional anglers hooking big numbers of wild rainbows in the 12 to 20 plus inch class.

According to Jason Thatcher of JT Guide Service, with a flow of 2,400 cfs and overcast skies, fly fishing on the Sacramento has been going great.

“There are a lot of different species of bugs coming to life right now and that has really got the trout excited and on the feed,” said Thatcher. “You don’t need to get started really early these days. It’s been cool in the mornings and the best fishing doesn’t get going until later on. I’d say the hours between 10 and 3 offer the best fishing. Most of our fish are coming on nymphs, but we are picking up the occasional trout on beads or other egg imitations.”

Mike Bogue of Mike Bogue’s Guide Service has also been spanking the trout, but Mike is employing conventional tackle.

“When the trout are aggressive we are back trolling small plugs for them. When the fish are a bit more laid back I break out the glow bugs and some Pautzke Orange Deluxe or Yellow Jacket eggs. At other times Pautzke cured roe works well,” related Bogue.


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