The Fish Sniffer - Raised Fishing The Ocean, It Was Good To Get Back!
Raised Fishing The Ocean, It Was Good To Get Back!

Written By: Ernie Marlan, July 10, 2014
Species: Rockfish Lingcod Crabs
Location: Bodega Bay,

Raised Fishing The Ocean, It Was Good To Get Back!

I have been following NorCal Sport Fishing Adventures and Captain Tim Wong on Facebook and noticed he was catching quite a few rockfish and lingcod.  One picture of a 25 lb lingcod caught my attention and made me pick up the phone and contact Captain Tim.  I told Captain Tim that I was craving some fish tacos and would love to catch some fresh lingcod and rockfish. 

His response was, “How does Tuesday sound?”  “Perfect.  I’ll meet you at 7 a.m. on your boat in Bodega.”  With the date and time set, the excitement quickly set in.  I always love being out on the big water and this would be my first time on the ocean this year.

As scheduled, we met at the boat just a few days after our conversation.  The Working Girl, the name of the Captain Tim’s boat, is conveniently located just a short walk from the parking lot.  The boat is a very comfortable 28’ Farallon Walk Around. 

The wind was up many times throughout the day, which caused the ocean to give us quite a few larger swells ranging from 5 ft-10 ft throughout the day.  Lucky for us, the Working Girl handled the ocean water beautifully.

Some boats that provide comfort don’t necessarily fish well or often times there are boats that fish well but don’t provide much comfort.  The Working Girl provides both comfort and fishability!  It is important to me as an angler to be able to walk around a boat without worrying about running into things.  On the Working Girl, you can easily get from stern to bow without any trouble.

The ability to walk around the boat really comes into play when you have a big fish on or multiple fish hooked up and the fish are going in all directions.  The spaciousness allows the angler to follow a fish easier, eliminating tangles and most importantly a lost fish.  

From the very beginning of our trip, it was obvious that Captain Tim knows his way around the ocean and has a very good system while fishing.  As a passenger and an angler on his boat, I was very confident on what he was doing on the water.  His decision on where to fish and how he handled the boat when we got there provided that extra confidence you were going to catch fish.  Not to mention that he has excellent gear, including Phenix Rods and P-Line!  

Another factor that is often overlooked is the deckhand on the boat.  Jeff Caramella is definitely a seasoned angler and knows how to take care of the gear and most importantly the anglers on the boat.  

Captain Tim has a very smooth operation and one that gives you the confidence as angler that you are going to have a successful day.  He controls the boat nicely, makes good decisions and provides an enjoyable day on the water.  

We took about a 45 minute boat ride to where The Working Girl had success recently.  On my very first drop down in shallow water, I had my first lingcod in the boat!  Even though I caught a ling on my very first drop down. 

However, I wasn’t the first one to catch a fish!  Within seconds after putting his bait in the water, Jim Keene of Santa Rosa, hooked up a good sized lingcod and had just landed it when my bait was inhaled by my own nice lingcod.  All of this took place within the first 5 minutes after getting to our spot!

The action was fast and furious with both lingcod and rockfish.  We had limits of lingcod for the six of us within an hour and fifteen minutes as well as three rockfish limits.  Not because we couldn’t catch the other three limits of rockfish but because the other three anglers wanted to spend their time fishing for salmon.  Off we went to find the salmon.

One of the greatest benefits of fishing out of Bodega Bay is that it has such a variety of fish and provides opportunities to catch salmon, rockfish and lingcod.  Many times all within the same proximity.  Combo trips are a very popular request of NorCal Sport Fishing.  Because of this, and since Captain Tim has the experience and knowledge of this stretch of the ocean, he is typically able to provide limits of all three species at times.

The salmon fishing was somewhat slow.  The fish seemed to be too far out and the bite had not been consistent enough to justify making the run way out where we expected them to be.  As we get into July I would expect the salmon will make their way closer in and The Working Girl will be producing many limits of salmon.   

We had a decision to make on what to do next.  It didn’t take long to decide to take advantage of the crab pots Captain Tim had out in the water.  It took a little bit of work but each of the crab pots we pulled in had beautiful dungeness crabs in them.  

What more could I ask for on a fishing trip!  I enjoyed the beautiful ocean and caught limits of lingcod, rockfish and crab! It was overall amazing day on the water with Captain Tim and his crew!

The Fish Sniffer will soon be announcing future dates where we will be fishing with NorCal Sport Fishing Adventures.  We be giving away several giveaways as we always do on our promotional trips.  We hope the salmon start to move in closer so we will be able to target them.  Stay tuned for more news about NorCal Sport Fishing Adventures.  

If you would like to book a trip with NorCal Sport Fishing Adventures, give Captain Tim a call at (707) 228-8322. You can also find him at 

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