The Fish Sniffer - Raymond Johnson Wins Derby With 24.87 Lb. Catfish
Raymond Johnson Wins Derby With 24.87 Lb. Catfish

Written By: Dan Bacher, June 29, 2014
Species: Catfish Bass
Location: Clear Lake,

Raymond Johnson of Santa Rosa won first place in the adults division of the recent Clear Oaks Business Association Catifsh Derby with a fish weighing 24.87 pounds. 

The second through place winners were: (2) Allan Rogers of Nice, 23.25 pounds; (3) Daniel Renninger of Hidden Valley Lake, 23.21 pounds; (4) Charles Owen of Roseville, 22.52 pounds; and (5) Joe Wynn of Clearlake Park, 21.43 pounds.  

The kids division winners were (1) Kieran Brosnan of Crockett; 16.34; (2) Darlene Duncan of Lucerne, 16.07; and  (3) Bradley Hansen of Lower Lake, 15.74 pounds.

Most of the bass have finished their spawn, but some fish will continue to spawn through the month of June and even some in July, reported Bob Myskey, fishing guide.

“With our low water conditions that all lakes in California are experiencing the weed growth has exploded and is further off shore than normal on the West and upper end of the lake,” he explained. “The good news is that the fish on the west and north ends of the lake literally have miles and miles have cover to protect them and to forage in.  The bad news is that finding these fish and getting a bait in front of them will require a lot of work, patience and some different techniques.”

He said a lot of patterns and baits are producing bass, including Chatterbaits worked through the weeds and weightless flukes and zoom horny toads worked over the weed mats and dropped into the holes in the weeds.

“Topwater baits such as buzz baits, frogs, whopper poppers, Ricos and Zara Spooks will all work if you stay with them long enough and cover enough water to find the right conditions to use them,” he tipped.




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