The Fish Sniffer - Red Hot Brown Action Delights High Mountain Trouters!
Red Hot Brown Action Delights High Mountain Trouters!

Written By: Cal Kellogg, March 17, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Lake Almanor,

Spring is one of the best time to target Lake Almanor’s brown trout population and the bite seems to be off to an early start this year.

“The browns are up shallow and the bite has been really good in recent days,” related Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service. “Yesterday we hooked and landed multiple browns in the 4 pound class and our top fish went 6. Today things are a little different. The trout are hitting, but we aren’t doing very well in the hooking department. We’ve had about 10 strikes, but we’ve only hooked and landed a pair of browns. That’s just the way it goes sometimes,” quipped Roccucci.

“We aren’t doing anything too special. The browns are eating pond smelt, so I’m fast trolling silver and black Rapalas. Everything is near the surface, so I’m top lining the plugs. Yesterday the east shore was definitely hot. This morning it was hot too in terms of bites, but I’ve moved over to the peninsula now. I’m hoping to find change our luck and find some fish that we can actually hook,” Roccucci laughed.

“In addition to the browns, we’ve been popping some very nice smallmouth bass. We had one over 4 pounds yesterday. This time of the year the bank action for trout and bass is typically fairly good, but I haven’t seen anyone even trying from the bank. I’m launching near the dam and there hasn’t been many folks working Geritol Cove,” Roccucci concluded. 


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