The Fish Sniffer - Rigged Anchovies Produce Kings At Mouth
Rigged Anchovies Produce Kings At Mouth

Written By: Cal Kellogg, August 23, 2014
Species: River Salmon Saltwater Salmon Steelhead
Location: Rogue River,

(Gold Beach) The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife relates that anglers have started picking up fall Chinook the bay trolling anchovies or an anchovy with spinner blade.

With minus tides this week the best fishing will be late mornings or afternoons. Water temperatures are increasing and flows droppings so anglers can expect Chinook to continue stacking up in the bay. This time of year the best fishing is from Highway 101 downstream to the mouth.

Anglers are picking up a few early run summer steelhead casting spinners or fly fishing, but river temperatures are getting pretty warm and making it hard to get fish to bite. Best time to fish is first thing in the morning.

Anglers are catching some summer steelhead in the middle Rogue. Try night crawlers and corkies, or a Panther Martin with black body and gold blades.

Early catches in the ODFW seining project at Huntley Park are hinting at a very good summer steelhead run this year. Fishing for Chinook remains slow in this section of the river, as anglers anticipate the arrival of fall Chinook salmon. The flow at Grants Pass was 1630 cfs as of press time and the water temperature was averaging 68 degrees, with a peak of 72.

With hot weather in the forecast during this drought year, anglers are reminded to be extremely careful when handling fish. Fishing early in the day when water temperatures are cooler reduces stress. Always keep the fish in the water when looking for finmarks or taking photos and release fish quickly.

On the upper river, summer steelhead fishing is fair to good in the river from Gold Hill upstream to Cole Rivers Hatchery. Early catches in the ODFW seining project at Huntley Park are hinting at a very good summer steelhead run this year. Fishing has been most productive early and late in the day. Casting flies or spinners like a Panther Martin should work well for anglers.


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