The Fish Sniffer - Rockfish Action Remains Outstanding
Rockfish Action Remains Outstanding

Written By: David Hurley, December 19, 2013
Species: Crabs Lingcod Rockfish
Location: Bodega Bay,

Rockfishing remains outstanding with crab counts holding up for limits to near limits on all trips.

Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sport Fishing said, “We put in 17 limits of Dungeness crab to 3 pounds to go with 17 limits of quality rockfish and a few lingcod on Sunday, December 8 fishing up north at Fort Ross. The rockfish were all bottom fish consisting of Bolinas, Chinas, vermilions, gophers, and coppers with very few school fish.”

Crabbing remains steady for quality crustaceans to 3 pounds, and Powers said, “These are the best quality crab that you can get as I have never seen it any better with the crab 100% loaded with meat.”

Powers has been having to pull more and more pots to locate limits, but limits have been taken on most trips. He added, “On the occasions that we are unable to score limits, the large size of the crab makes up for up it.”

A big swell has resulted a slowdown in the ling cod counts, but Powers expected the lings to start chomping again in short order. He said, “The huge groundswell rolled in on Thanksgiving, and it is my experience that the first big swell of the winter puts the lings off of the bite for several days, and it takes awhile before they start to bite again.”

The waters off of the Sonoma Coast remain very clear due to the lack of major storms starting the upwelling process, and the water clarity is also a factor on the slower lingcod action. The rockfish and lingcod season from a boat will end at sunset on December 31.

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