The Fish Sniffer - Salmon Action Bounces Up and Down
Salmon Action Bounces Up and Down

Written By: Dan Bacher, April 29, 2014
Species: Saltwater Salmon
Location: Monterey Bay,

The salmon fishing in Monterey Bay has slowed down since the opening weekend, with great action reported some days and slow fishing on others. Anglers have found the top action while mooching the edge of the marine canyons between the former Soldier’s Club and Moss Landing

The latest trip by the Kahuna on Friday, April 18 yielded 40 king salmon to 28 pounds for 26 anglers mooching with anchovies. Fishing the previous day, April 17, was much slower, with 5 kings boated by the 24 anglers, reported Carol Jones of Kahuna Sportfishing.

On April 16, the 23 anglers aboard the Kahuna landed 21 salmon to 27 pounds dressed. On April 15, the 26 anglers bagged 33 salmon.

Salmon fishing was tough on Easter Sunday weekend after the boats averaged one fish per rod Friday ,reported Chris Arcoleo of Chris’ Fishing Trips.

The scores on Friday, April 18 were 32 salmon for 23 anglers on the Star of Monterey, 22 salmon for 23 anglers on the Check Mate and 24 salmon for 23 anglers on the Caroline.

On April 19, Arcoleo reported 4 salmon for 24 anglers on the Check Mate and 5 salmon for 25 anglers on the Star of Monterey. The scores on April 20 were 4 salmon for 27 anglers on the Star of Monterey and 2 salmon for 16 anglers on the Caroline.

“The bite for salmon was a little slower today but some anglers did get their limit,” according to Bayside Marine in Santa Cruz on April 20. “The area around 36'50/121'54 was slower then yesterday but some anglers had some luck there. The boats near Moss Landing caught some fish around 36'46/121'52, but there were a bunch of shakers around. There are a bunch of schools of fish around you just have to find them and work them hard. The fish are still being caught 110-220 feet down and some on the bottom.”

“There were some nice halibut brought in today by some anglers who were fishing near the Mile Buoy and the wharf. The wind was down but the swell is up.”


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