The Fish Sniffer - Salmon Anglers Waiting For Cooler Weather
Salmon Anglers Waiting For Cooler Weather

Written By: Dan Bacher, August 20, 2014
Species: River Salmon Catfish
Location: Sacramento River- Middle,

(Sacramento) While salmon fishing remains slow in the metropolitan area, anglers are experiencing solid catfish action on the Sacramento River.

“Fishermen continue to catch lots of catfish, including some lunkers, on the river at Verona near the boat docks,” revealed Mel Gilette at Elkhorn Outdoor Sports. “I’ve seen more catfish 10 pounds or over in the last five weeks that I have ever seen before.” 

“For some reason, the larger cats are hitting pileworms,” he observed. “Anglers are landing good numbers of 1-1/2 to 2 pound cats while using liver and nightcrawlers.”

Other decent prospects for catfish action include the Port of Sacramento, Sacramento Deepwater Channel, Yolo Bypass and Sutter Bypass.

Trollers continue to struggle for salmon locally. “I’ve been out three times and haven’t bagged a salmon yet,” he noted.

“Uncle Larry Barnes landed one salmon weighing 13 pounds and lost another while trolling on the Sacramento from Discovery Park to I Street on his latest trip,” said Dennis Pfanner at Sacramento Pro Tackle. “I’m hearing of just a fish here and there.”

Craig Kamikawa of the Fishermen’s Warehouse reported tossing spinners at the Minnow Hole and near the Freeport Bridge on a regular basis since the July16 salmon opener, but he has only witnessed a pair of fish landed from the bank  as water temperatures range from 74 to 76 degrees.


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