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Salmon Challenge Metro Fishermen

Written By: Dan Bacher, August 6, 2014
Species: River Salmon Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Middle, American River - Lower,

(Sacramento) Fishing on the opening day of salmon season was very tough. While most anglers got skunked, Uncle Larry Barnes of Sacramento Pro Tackle landed an amazing 3 salmon to 13 pounds while trolling from Discovery Park to the I Street Bridge.

“He kept one fish and released the other two,” said Dennis Pfanner. “Barnes trolled with M-2 glow in the dark Flatfish with sardine wrappers for his salmon.” 

Phanner heard of around 7 salmon, including Barnes’ fish, caught on the opener. Since then, zero to one fish have been reported daily.

Jack Simony and his friend reported catching two salmon weighing 10 and 13 pounds while trolling with Silvertron spinners on opening morning, according to Chris Fulster, Jr., at Broadway Bait Rod & Gun. Anglers also landed a couple of slamon while tossing out Blue Fox and Flying C spinners at Miller Park.

‘Bank anglers and boaters are hooking a few stripers on the Sacramento River at Courtland while using sardines,” noted Fulster. “The fish average around 5 to 6 pounds.”

Mel Gillette at Elkhorn Outdoor Sports confirmed the slow salmon fishing in the Sacramento area. “Mel and I fished from Discovery Park to Garcia Bend on opening day and didn’t see anybody catch a fish while we were there,” he said.

A more consistent prospect is to target channel catfish in the Verona area with mackerel, sardines, pileworms and other baits. Boaters have weighed cats weighing 19, 15 and 10 pounds in recent weeks.    

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