The Fish Sniffer - Salmon Fishing Is Hit And Miss
Salmon Fishing Is Hit And Miss

Written By: Dan Bacher, September 3, 2014
Species: River Salmon
Location: Feather River- Lower,

(Yuba City) The salmon fishing on the Feather River has bounced up and down, with limits one day and no fish landed the following day.

We fished the Shanghai Falls or Rapids today and it was limits all around,” reported Rob Reimers of Rustic Rob’s Guide Service on August 14. “ If I had more people in my boat, we still could have limited out, but with two guys 4 fish was all we could get. We caught 3 out of 4 on my custom Speedy Spinner and the fourth on a Brad’s Killer Fish #16 with a sardine wrapper.”

“Ron Gaston and I got our first fish this morning at 6:00AM and had three by 8:00 am. We then had a cold spell until 11:00 when we got our fourth to make our limits. Late morning has been a good time for picking up fish this season. I marked more fish today than I have all season,” explained Reimers. 

On the next day, Dr.Mod and John needed to catch a early flight out for tuna fishing, but they did catch two salmon and lost one more in the short time they were fishing.

“After we left, a buddy of mine Jerry Miller got one more before we could get home. Not a bad day - I'd say the fish are here,” he noted.

On August 17 young Ayden Cavanagh and his grandpa Tillman Bryant successfully battled two kings going 16 and 18 lbs on Speedy Spinners.

However, the fishing slowed down on the next two trips, with one trip on Friday, August 22 producing three hook-ups, all of which were lost, and the next day yielding one hook up (also lost).

Combined releases into the Feather below the Thermalito Afterbay Outlet are 1700 cfs.


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