The Fish Sniffer - Salmon ‘Missing In Action,’ Rockfishing Holds Steady
Salmon ‘Missing In Action,’ Rockfishing Holds Steady

Written By: David Hurley, July 9, 2014
Species: Saltwater Salmon Rockfish Lingcod
Location: Half Moon Bay,

Coastal rockfishing was the only game in town as the month of June rolled to its conclusion, and limits to near-limits of rockfish with a fair sprinkling of lingcod were the rule for party and private boaters.

Salmon remain a distant memory with the Queen of Hearts out of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing tossing in the towel until more salmon arrive after putting in a single 20-pound salmon for 25 anglers on Sunday, June 29. Sherry Ingles of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing said, “We had high hopes of finding some fish, but after one bite and one big salmon, the jelly fish moved in, creating difficult conditions.”

The rockfish action was slowed by a big groundswell on Sunday, but Captain Tom Mattusch on the Huli Cat was able to put his clients onto 13 limits of rockfish, a lingcod, and 55 Dungeness crab. He said, “It was one of those frustrating days where the rockfish didn’t want to bite, and perhaps the big groundswell caused them to hunker down in the rocks.”

The Rip Tide out of Half Moon Bay also found challenging conditions on June 29 with ½ to ¾ limits of rockfish from the local reefs. 

Prior to the arrival of the groundswell, the New Captain Pete checked in with 16 limits of rockfish including a pair of cabezon, and 3 lingcod while the Queen of Hearts returned with near-limits at 328 rockfish for 35 anglers in addition to 6 lingcod.

Further north in Pacifica, striper fishing has been fair from the beaches with hair raisers, top water lures, or metal spoons from the access locations such as Mori’s Point, Mussel Rock, or Rockaway Beach.



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