The Fish Sniffer - Salmon Provide Excitement, Rockfish Provide Meat
Salmon Provide Excitement, Rockfish Provide Meat

Written By: Cal Kellogg, August 29, 2014
Species: Saltwater Salmon Rockfish Lingcod
Location: Golden Gate, San Francisco Bay,

(Berkeley) The East Bay charter boat community is buzzing about the recent salmon action outside the Golden Gate. Anglers are averaging a fish per rod or better depending on the day and the fish are running big with plenty of 20 plus pounders showing.

With salmon scores holding around a fish per rod, you might be a hero or a zero if you book a trip depending on how lucky you are. If you want a sure thing, rockfish/lingcod trips are yielding lots of excitement and heavy sacks of fillets.

Over the weekend Berkeley charter boats did well on big kings. For example Captains Joe and Joey Gallia aboard The New Easy Rider produced 10 salmon to 28 pounds. On their previous trip they boated 22 kings to 28 pounds.

Out of the Emeryville Sportfishing Center some boats have been trolling for salmon while other are mooching. Both approaches are working. One day last week two boats trolled for 42 kings to 26 pounds for a combined 32 anglers. On the same day 35 moochers aboard three boats nailed 24 salmon to 25 pounds.

On the rockfish front, Captain James Smith of Berkeley’s California Dawn continues to put his anglers on easy limits of rockfish and there have been plenty of lingcod showing too.

On the California Dawn’s most recent trip, anglers scored 31 limits of rockfish and 32 lingcod to 25 pounds.

In Emeryville Captain Jay Yokomizo is back behind the wheel running limit style rockfish and lingcod trips after returning from a successful Alaskan sheep hunt…Congratulations Captain Jay!


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