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Salmon Provide Fantastic Action

Written By: Cal Kellogg, August 20, 2014
Species: Landlocked Salmon Trout Bass
Location: Whiskeytown Reservoir, Shasta Lake,

(Redding) Amazing salmon fishing is available for trollers working both Whiskeytown Reservoir and Lake Shasta. At Whiskeytown the kokanee fishing is great, while Shasta continues to boot out big king salmon well into the 5 pound class.

“Whiskeytown is red hot right now,” reported Mike Elster of Mike’s Fishing Guide Service. “We are catching kokanee as quickly as we can get our gear into the water. A few days ago we had an immediate triple hook up first thing in the morning. The salmon aren’t huge, but they are fat and healthy. The largest ones are legitimate 14 inchers while the average ranges from 12 to 13.”

“The fish are stacked from 40 to 60 feet deep and they’ve really been hitting hard. Just about every one rips the line off the downrigger. Most days we have limits by 9 o’clock while pulling pink Apex Lures, hoochies and Uncle Larry’s Spinners. Everything is being pulled behind Sling Blade dodgers,” said Elster.

At Shasta big kings are patrolling main body as well as the mouths of the Sacramento and McCloud Arms. The kings are running 3 to 5 pounds and are holding from 90 to 120 feet deep. They are feeding on small shad, so small hoochies, shad imitating spoons, Apex Lures and rigged shad are all working.

Rainbow trout are scattered throughout the lake. Trollers are hitting rainbows to 3 pounds at a variety of depths ranging from 25 feet early in the day to 80 feet in the afternoon hours. Again shad imitations are the way to go. Cripplures and Hum Dingers are top choices for this work.

Spotted bass are on a determined bite. If you target bass all day, it’s not too difficult to land 50 to 60 fish.

Early and late topwater lures work well. When the topwater bite tapers off break out the finesse worms and Senkos and follow the fish as they drop down into the water column.

Shasta is down 138 feet from maximum pool and is dropping 6 inch per day. Easy boat launching remains available.

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