The Fish Sniffer - Sanddab/Crab Combinations Fill Bill Until Salmon Opener
Sanddab/Crab Combinations Fill Bill Until Salmon Opener

Written By: Dan Bacher, January 19, 2014
Species: Crabs
Location: Half Moon Bay,

Sanddab/crab combination trips are the story in the coming months, and Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat is one of the few boats running for the tasty flatfish and crustaceans.

He said, “The crab counts have really fallen off, and you have to keep pulling pots to put together limits since there are a number of females showing up in the mostly empty pots.”

He managed to put together crab limits for a small load on Saturday, January 12, but with the small load, they weren’t able to get out far offshore for the best sanddab action. He added, “The whales that have been in close to the shoreline over the past few weeks were absent on Saturday, but there are still scads of sardines and squid spawn in the area.”

Out of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing, the Queen of Hearts and Riptide will shut down sport fishing for the season, but they will take whale watching trips until the anticipated salmon opener in April. The shop will remain open 7 days per week during the winter.

Captain Roger Thomas of the Salty Lady will be running whale watching trips for the Oceanic Society every weekend out of Half Moon Bay.

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