The Fish Sniffer - Sanddab/Crab Combinations Fill Void Until Salmon Season
Sanddab/Crab Combinations Fill Void Until Salmon Season

Written By: David Hurley, January 20, 2014
Species: Crabs
Location: Bodega Bay,

Sanddab and crab combination trips will be the staple in the coming months until the anticipated 2014 salmon opener during the month of April.

The Pacific Fisheries Management Council will be adopting 2014 salmon management alternative on Thursday, March 14 during their meeting in Sacramento. In the interim period of time, Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sport Fishing has located a ‘spot’ of sanddabs in shallow water of 120 feet, and he will be running trips, weather and interest permitting.

He is also ‘letting the crab gear soak’ as the crab counts fell off at the end of the rockfish season. Humboldt squid remain a distant memory as the combination of water temperature and enough interested anglers in order to justify a trip hasn’t occurred as of yet.

Powers will scout the outside waters during upcoming bird observation trips; and if he sees enough encouraging signs, exploration in the depths will take place. It has been two seasons since the big squid have migrated into the depths off of the northern California coastline.

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