The Fish Sniffer - Sanddab/Crab Trips Only Game In Town Until April Salmon Opener
Sanddab/Crab Trips Only Game In Town Until April Salmon Opener

Written By: David Hurley, February 18, 2014
Species: Crabs
Location: Bodega Bay,

Sanddab and crab combination trips continue to be the only game in town for the next two months prior to the anticipated salmon opener on the first Saturday in April. The Pacific Fisheries Management Council will be adopting 2014 salmon management alternative on Thursday, March 14th during their meeting in Sacramento.

Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sport Fishing took his last combination trip on Wednesday, February 5 and they returned with 9 limits of Dungeness crab to 2.5-pounds and 245 sanddabs. He said, “Anyone who wanted to catch sanddabs did so, and we are still finding the flatfish in relatively shallow water of 100 feet.”

Powers plans to leave his crab gear in the water through the start of the salmon opener to keep an additional option for crab/salmon combination trips. Humboldt squid remained an increasingly distant memory with this season bringing the third straight year of absent along the northern California coast.

Powers hasn’t given up on searching for the squid when the conditions are right, but he is leaning more and more towards preparing for the salmon opener.

Surfperch provided action for beach fishermen with prawns, pile worms, or grass shrimp from the shoreline access at Doran Regional Park and Salmon Creek.  


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