The Fish Sniffer - Sanddabs, Crabs And Mackerel Reward Bay Anglers
Sanddabs, Crabs And Mackerel Reward Bay Anglers

Written By: Dan Bacher, January 23, 2014
Species: Crabs
Location: Monterey Bay,

Until salmon season begins in April, sanddab and crab fishing from boats and rockfish and perch fishing from shore will be the best angling options for Monterey Bay anglers.

“We will be performing routine maintenance on the Kahuna and hopefully getting out for a few sand dab trips during the next 3 months,” said Carol Jones of Kahuna Sportfishing. “Salmon season should be opening around the first of April.”

On the last trip before the rockfish season closed on December 31, anglers experienced excellent fishing for rockfish and lingcod aboard the Kahuna. The 26 passengers landed 48 lingcod, 160 rockfish and 78 vermilion rockfish.

Monterey charter boats are concentrating on sanddab rockfish combos. Chris Arcoleo of Chris’ Fishing Trips reported big numbers of sanddabs and 18 limits of crab on the Caroline, while the Check Mate had 21 limits of crab and lots of sanddabs on Sunday, January 12.

Some mackerel are also showing in the catches some days. A trip on Friday, January 10 produced 10 limits of crab, 40 blue mackerel, and loads of sanddabs.

“Sanddab season started crazy,” reported Ken Stagnaro of Stagnaro’s Fishing Trips in Santa Cruz. “The Velocity scored over 1000 quality ‘dabs on each of our first two trips. The Sea Stag also went on a crab/dab combo trip on Saturday. They scored limits of Dungeness crab and lots of sanddabs also.”

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