The Fish Sniffer - Sly Park and Ice House Trout Pace Action
Sly Park and Ice House Trout Pace Action

Written By: Garry Erck, May 13, 2014
Species: Trout Kokanee
Location: Union Valley Reservoir, Loon Lake, Jenkinson Reservoir,

The first cast did it for youngster Jacob Scott as he kicked off a good morning of action for his family.

“We worked water off the south side of Jenkinson Lake,” reported Keith Scott (Jacob’s Dad). “And Jacob’s rod bent over, thinking it was a snag, I suggested for him to wait – but he had one – he reeled in a nice fourteen inch planter. We finished the day with four nice fish, with my son Sam bringing in two fish also; all were caught on PowerBait.”

Roseville angler Matt Grima also had a solid day at Jenkinson Lake. “We worked the bank and also trolled Kastmasters and Rapalas,” said Matt. “ Filling our two-man limit in three hours. Most were pan-sized 12-14 inch planters – we specifically worked shade covered water to find our fish.”

“Ice House is kicking out solid spring action,” said Dale Daneman of Dale’s Foothill Fishing. “Over thirty fish to the boat made it a great day. All were caught on toplined Sep’s brown or orange grubs, depths we worked were from the surface down to twelve feet deep. Our largest was a nice seventeen inch holdover, with most in the planter 10-12 inch class.”

“Union Valley is seeing tough action as the lake is rising quickly with very cold water from the snow melted,” reported Ken Mathis at Ken’s Custom Tackle. “Macks have slowed way down and no kokes reports yet. Access remains tough as launching is still only at the dam.”

Loon Lake stands at 74%, Union Valley is at 83% capacity, and Ice House is at 100%.



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