The Fish Sniffer - Smallmouth Bite Set To Explode
Smallmouth Bite Set To Explode

Written By: Cal Kellogg, June 12, 2014
Species: Bass Shad
Location: Umpqua River,

Smallmouth bass fishing on the Umpqua is good and expected to get a whole lot better soon. Shad and spring run king salmon are also in the mix.

“Smallmouth fishing has been pretty good, but now that the spawn is coming to an end the action should really heat up,” related Richard Wolfe of Wolfe Pack Guide Service. “Right now we’ve been doing most of our fishing with soft plastics and crankbaits, but jerkbaits and topwater plugs are starting to produce.”

“In addition to the bass there are good numbers of shad in the river. My brother got 50 shad just the other day in a couple hours of fishing. Right now we are using spinning gear for the shad, but we’ll be using fly tackle soon,” related Wolfe.

“At this point spring salmon season is winding down, but we’ve been doing well. Our trips have been producing 2 to 3 salmon per day,” added Wolfe.

The ODFW reports that springers are now distributed throughout the Umpqua Basin, but fishing success has been spotty. The turbid spikes in water flow, followed by quickly dropping flow to low water conditions have not been conducive to boating or fishing. The main river is supposed to drop to about 5 feet making it more difficult to use larger boats.


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